From her studded boots to her homegrown sense of style, Anna Scott really puts the glitz in country music. In her hometown of Cleveland Ohio, Anna fell in love with music of many genres, and was involved in any club that would let her sing. She blends many artistic styles together to portray emotional heartbreak and nostalgia. 

She started singing the National Anthem when she was twelve years old and knew from that moment on, she wanted to sing for a lifetime. Due to her unwavering ambition, she has been able to perform alongside the likes of Russell Dickerson and Carrie Underwood as a background vocalist. As a recent alumnus of Belmont University, Anna has proven her dedication to perfecting her craft. She has been described as humble and versatile for a large audience. 

Anna Scott is currently gigging on Nashville’s Broadway and other venues around the greater Nashville area. She also has released eight singles and is recording a new group of singles to release in 2024. Anna hopes to inspire other musicians to pursue whatever kind of music they’d like, no matter where they came from. Anna Scott might not have grown up in the heart of Texas, but she sure does appreciate a great country sound.